Sunday, March 6, 2011

First off...

I'm completely new to this. I wanted to start this blog to talk about food (and my love for it) and our journey this year of "urban farming;" "our" meaning my husband, Pat and I. We live in the Richmond Hills of California (contrary to common belief, not the ghetto), and have a large back yard with lots of potential (pictures to come).
The previous tenant of our home was an elderly woman with three huge Newfoundlands, so she separated the backyard into three dog runs, separated by chain link fencing. We are planning on using two thirds of the yard (conveniently separated) to grow our fruit and vegetable garden in this year, and leave the third for our two dogs, Eko and Baloo.
We moved into this house last May, and by the time we got settled enough to think about planting anything, it was too late to do much with it. We planted some unfruitful tomato plants, fairly productive potatoes, and pretty productive herb garden (much of which is still there). We still have some chard and lettuce (which are winter crops) that I planted in November in the herb section of our garden.
This week, I am planning on building my lighting structures for starting our seeds indoors. We don't have any actual sunlight coming into our home, because of a surrounding overhang (which is nice for the dogs when it's raining). But we do have a large terrarium in our dining room, which is occupied by our roommate's boa, Zoe, who only takes up a quarter of it (again, pictures to come).
I am also anxiously awaiting my seeds from Bountiful Gardens, and starter pots from Runka. I can't wait until they get here and I can start planting!

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